Online Talks!

Here are some recent talks that I’ve been able to record due to remote teaching/conferencing situations:

For Society of Architectural Historians Annual Conference 2020:

Amateurs, Activists, and Professionals Constructing Access before the Americans with Disabilities Act (15 min talk w/ slides & captions)

For History of Design lecture class:

Disability in 20th/21st Century Design: Social and Speculative
This is an undergraduate-level, 41 minute lecture that I recorded for my own American Design History course. I gave a similar talk as a guest in an Architectural History survey course. Feel free to share for teaching. Captioned.

Book publication

My book Accessible America is now available at major book/e-book retailers. Order directly from NYU Press at a 20% discount + free shipping with code FALL1820.

Recent Writing/Talks

I spoke at the Center for Independent Living in Berkeley, CA in May. There is a video of my and Elizabeth Guffey’s talks here:

As the video shows, there were some issues with microphones and some people were not able to participate as a result. Here are my PowerPoint slides (image description in notes) and script of my talk. Unfortunately, a vivid Q&A with reminiscences from a number of major participants in the Berkeley disability rights scene were not recorded or amplified at the event.

BLOG POST: “In National Disability Employment Awareness Month, Familiar Messages about Design as a lever for Disability Rights,” NYU Press Blog, November 2018.


Stanford Social Innovation Review: “Design for All,” Excerpt from Accessible America

Curbed: How America’s individualistic streak shaped design for disability

KERA’s Think: Designing for Disability (radio show, not transcribed)